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Art Tatum

Tatum is regarded as one of the all-time great jazz pianists. His performances were praised for his technical prowess and inventiveness setting a new bar for jazz piano proficiency. The musical genius was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1909.

Arts career was boosted by the World War II draft and lack of other musicians. Art himself did not serve in the war because of poor eyesight. Towards the end of the war Art began to play in venues much larger and more formal than jazz clubs hosting up to 3000 fans. By 1944 Billboards estimates Tatum was making $1,150 per week (Approximately $18,000 a week in 2021 USD).

Arts style of music was something the world had never seen before. Benny Green, another jazz artist of the time, said of Tatum that he was the only musician to  "attempt to conceive a style based upon all styles, to master the mannerisms of all schools, and then synthesize those into something personal".

Below you can find some of Art Tatum's most popular songs and some of our personal favorites.

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